Premium BLDC Circulator Fan with 12 Fan Speeds, Automatic 2-Way Oscillation, Digital Display, 7.5 Hour Auto Timer, Whisper Quiet, For Year Round Use, with Remote Control, Outdoor Indoor Camping Travel

Sale price$123.99

  • [High-Performance BLDC Motor] This fan features a high-performance BLDC motor, which is essential for its efficient operation with low power consumption and minimal noise. The motor produces no heat, allowing for long-term use without damage. With its powerful output, it can create a strong, satisfying breeze.
  • [Powerful and Efficient Air Circulation System] With a combination of a high-performance motor, blades, and a circular duct, this fan creates a powerful straight air flow effect that can reach up to 50 feet. Enjoy a satisfying breeze that can efficiently circulate air throughout the room.
  • [Temperature Sensor] This fan is equipped with a temperature sensor that detects the ambient temperature and displays it on the LED display. When using the ECO mode, the fan adjusts the wind volume according to the surrounding temperature, allowing for efficient and energy-saving use.
  • [Advanced Wind System] This fan offers 12 levels of wind speed adjustment and 4 different wind modes (Normal, Sleep, Eco, Natural), providing a versatile range of wind options to suit your preferences.
  • [3D Stereoscopic Rotation] With automatic left and right rotation of approximately 60 degrees and automatic vertical rotation of 90 degrees, this fan can easily direct the wind in any direction you desire.
  • [Convenient to Use] This fan is designed for easy use, with an intuitive LED display, simple buttons, and a remote control that anyone can operate. Additionally, it features a timer function, allowing you to use it for your desired amount of time.
  • [Versatile Usage] This fan can be used for various purposes, including as a fan, a ventilation fan, a supplementary cooling/heating device, or for camping and other outdoor activities. Enjoy its versatile usage in a variety of settings.